Can I run 27.5 Plus on my Cale AL

Yes! The Cale AL comes with fast-rolling 29-inch wheels, but will also work with oversize 27.5+ tyres – up to 2.8″.

Can I run a 2x front chainset on my Beyond + ADV?

A 2x drivetrain will work, but you need to consider the maximum tire width. We recommend using a Shimano Side Swing derailleur, as it has more tire clearance than a traditional design. The benefit is a wider range and closer gears, the disadvantage is less tire clearance and more parts on the bike.

I’ve broken my derailleur hanger. Which one do I need to replace it?

Refer to the Bombtrack spare part code chart. You can order hangers through your local Bombtrack dealer.

I want to change my gearing on my Hook/Hook EXT. What kind of chainring can I fit?


I’d like to run a wider adventure handlebar on my dropbar Bombtrack. Do you have any recommendations?
Can you help me choose a framebag to fit my Bombtrack?

Whilst most bikepacking bags will fit your Bombtrack (handlebar, seat pack, accessory bags – remember to check for enough clearance for the seat pack, and enough cable clearance for your chosen handlebar pack given your bar/levers combination), frame bags can be a somewhat hit and miss affair unless you do a bit of checking first. Apidura and Revelate both offer size charts that you can use to check against your frame geometry and sizing. Apidura go one step further and have a fit calculator for many popular bike models. You can also print out templates of their frame bags at actual size to check against your bike frame.

Can you recommend a rack to fit my Bombtrack?

Some of the best options for touring and bikepacking racks are not easily available in New Zealand, but here are some recommended racks for several Bombtrack models:

Cale/Cale AL



Hook / Hook EXT